Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paris Flowers, I wish I was in Paris!

My friend is in Paris right now and I really envy him. I love Paris even when it is hot and muggy. Paris is Paris. I believe I was French in another life. When I think of France, it's like a longing to go home. Anywhere in France is good, but mostly the Paris area or anywhere in southern France. The ambiance is wonderful, I never feel nervous or afraid in France, which is kind of strange. It just feels like I've been there many times before, which I have, but it is not the same feeling. Longing for France today. I have to do better with giving credit for the pictures. I collect them, but don't remember where I got them. I know the flowers are from the shop Nom de la Rose, from Paris Breakfast (great blog). I'm not sure where the girl came from. The louvre is mine, I think. I promise to do better!

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